Growing up

My title seems to be a little to serious isn’t it ? The truth is, i feel blessed to be siting here today telling the world how i grew up. As i said, angels do talk !  brought up by a single mother life was definitely not easy. She is the strongest woman I’ve seen in this world. I do not know much of my father but i can guess he might have been a good soul because he got married this angel. As the eldest i was always the respected one, the responsible one, and the role model. I was always taught to watch out for my little sister and i did my job pretty well i guess. As i was always my cousins favorite.

We had a small nit family in a small house. We had lots and lots of rules and regulations that it almost looked like a girls hostel… We used to have so much of complain but looking back today i figured out why mum had done all those things. We have grown up to be two wonderful teachers. Our simple life taught us tremendous lessons and we hare holding tight to all those things. When everyone was busy with phones and internet we had to get her permission for everything but she need said no. We got all we wanted. To say the truth we had more than we wanted. She sent us for dancing classes and martial arts… At a point we were always the limelight of all functions and gatherings for the outstanding performances we used to have. I would say gifted.

Kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, college, university and now work ! Everything about growing up was full of fun , excitement and challenges. I loved growing up as life was getting better day by day and i was turning into an angel ! ha ha…. I would say confidence, love, responsibility and honesty was few things that turned life into an enjoyable roller coaster ride.

All I would like to say to the younger generation, live this life to the fullest and love growing up. Enjoy each and every moment of your growing up process. Its not all about Wechat,Whatsupp,Twitter,Instagram and facebook only. Growing up is the best process of life which you would not want to miss. Spend time to talk, to share , to realize and to dream. I loved growing up and i still do love growing up….


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